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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Book Trailer for Betrayal. The sequel to 21st Street's best seller, Loyalty and the Bed You Lie In by Author TR Nairn

Have you got your copies?

"Betrayal" by Author TR Nairn. 
The Sequel to Loyalty and the Bed You Lie In also by Author TR Nairn

Free Shipping at but available for purchase where ever books are sold. Make sure to get "Loyalty and the Bed You Lie In", as well!

Diamond, Rae and Meko started out as three with an unbeatable female empire, but once jealously reared its ugly head the trio quickly became two. Diamond's love and loyalty to her husband landed her in jail behind his battle.

T.O., Diamonds husband, has heat on him from every direction and it's time for him to step things up and find a way to get to his enemy first without getting his self killed before he's able to put all the pieces together.

Rae is left behind by Diamond to fulfill the needs of their empire. With her own drama unfolding, her back is against the wall and she needs help. Will her choice of help pose a threat to them? Will Diamond be freed from the belly of the beast? Will T.O. find out everything he needs to know before it's too late?

Get ready for another ride of suspense, surprises, in this murderous tale and learn the true meaning of the weak and the strong, as you read the sequel to the best seller, “Loyalty and the Bed You Lie In” by Author TR Nairn appropriately entitled “Betrayal”.

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